Nothing happens till somebody sells...Something

We recognise that we are of limited value to our clients unless we help them Generate Leads that help them to make SALES. At eNova DIGITAL we are in the business of Business Storytelling (as people buy stories not products). The stories we tell must be real, genuine and authentic.
It's now called Content Marketing. And devising and implementing the most cost effective Media, Marketing and Sales Strategies is what we do.

We work with the best and most cost effective media available to deliver that story, be it advertising or PR.  The Internet - we developed our first website for a client in 1998 - and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) - we wrote The Grumpy Old Managers Guide to Social Media Marketing in 2008 - play a crucial role for us as does TV, Radio and Print...as we believe it's all about the right message and the most appropriate media to reach our clients' target audience.
Reaching People on The Move
For some years we have believed that the true explosion in use of the Internet and Digital Marketing (including Online Shopping) in general would come from reaching people who are not sitting in front of a computer.
The explosive uptake of mobile devices - Smarphones, Pads etc - coupled with Apps that meet specific needs has been evidence of that.
As such we grabbed the opportunity to get into Digital Out of Home Signage - Big Interactive Screens in high traffic areas combining useful content with relevant and timely advertising.  So when we had the opportunity a few years ago to become involved with a specialist in DOOH in the UK we jumped at it.  As a result we have developed expertise in this area working with a very exciting, massive project in China - Windows of China.
We believe the next big media players will grow from Digital Out of Home and its ability to reach millions of people when they are on the move.  As such our recent appointment as the Asia Pacific Distributor of the Giant iTab (a very very big, up to 70" - iPad/iPhone) has put us at the forefront in the Out of Home Digital Solutions arena for companies wanting new ways to drive demand and direct sales from todays Savvy Consumers.
Social Media is not the Answer...
...But it plays a crucial role in the Marketing mix today and increasingly in the future. We believe in keeping Social Media as simple as possible, easy to implement and relevant to the communities we aim to develop for our clients. At eNova DIGITAL we don't talk about how good our organisation is (or our clients for that matter) we talk about the benefits we and our clients bring for people.

Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS)
Since starting this business we have had a focus on helping businesses, brands and people who have innovative solutions that are good for people. 
As such we like to work with products that are good for Health (Physical, Mental and Financial) and Sustainability.  In fact now we are investing in some of our clients as well as using their products to further support our belief in them. 
We believe that doing good is good business and aim to have our clients develop that philosophy too. 
What Others Say

Where possible we prefer others to tell of our story and our clients' stories based on the benefits we have brought to them. Here is what some people have said about us...

"One thing you will come to learn about Rick is that he is always looking, testing and proving new ways to market. You can rest easy knowing that he is always ahead of the curve and leading the pack." Dr Patrick Porter (San Jose USA) - Business Psychologist, Sales Trainer and NY Times Best Selling Author (Self Help)

"I, like many, viewed social media as too demanding, too intrusive and irrelevant. Through Nikki's professionalism and patience, our program has increased its audience and viewer interaction three-fold! We are currently the social media leaders within our company and quite frankly, would not be here without her expertise and support!" Kevin Brooks, Executive Producer/Anaylst and Co-Host, Inside the Game - Live Interactive Internet TV Basketball program

"Rick is #1 at social media - the guru of the internet. Within 5 minutes of meeting him the world of social media exploded onto our business - great results within days!" Alexander Ouwens, Director, Club KI - Kangaroo Island Holiday Accommodation


Latest News

Our client NRAS4SA.com's new sponsorship of SA beach volleyballers Becchara Palmer and Zina Stone have helped keep their Olympic dreams alive. 


Rick Carter, Chief Reality Officer
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Nikki Carter, Digital Media & Content Strategist






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